January 4, 2018

How to cut glass from an insulating window

Insulated glass is equal to double glazing. Consists of two glass panels back to back to make a window is insulated, secured and tightly fit. In fact, it is not possible to cut glass from an insulated glass window without the use of fairly expensive tools — although it is possible to break the glass and remove the remaining parts with a glass cutter.


  1. Set up a tarp under the insulation glass window. Wear protective goggles and thick gloves. It is important to protect yourself as well as your floor when the glass is cut in case it breaks.
  2. Pick a place in the middle of the first glass of the insulated window. Place the back of the hammer and chisel, at this point. Hit firmly against the glass until it cracks. Once large cracks appear, keep knocking until the glass begins to fall out the window into chunks. Remove the large pieces of glass from the first insulation glass panel.
  3. Cut through the largest pieces of glass with the glass cutter; Remove the panel parts.
  4. Pry out the largest pieces of glass glued to the sides of the panel (Make sure you are wearing gloves). Place the pieces in a safe place where you do not get cut or step on them, such as in a bucket.
  5. Paper away the glass carefully so that the second glass panel is not affected.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful when working with pieces of glass so they do not hurt themselves. Wear suitable protective clothing such as heavy gloves and eyeglasses.