December 28, 2017

How to clean windshields

Visibility is a key factor in safety when driving a vehicle. In addition to reducing the driver’s comfort and tranquility, the presence of lamps of any type on the windshields is a risk factor that makes perception difficult and therefore slows reactions. It is therefore necessary to be clear how to clean the windshields and to carry out on a periodic basis.

Many vehicle owners do not perform a specific cleaning of their moons, but are satisfied with activating the windscreen wipers or completing a general exterior wash in a cleaning tunnel or by pressurized water. But if these procedures do not dry the windshield with a cloth, there will be marks of lime or other substances when the water disappears, so the feeling of cleanliness will not be complete.

How to clean your windshield effectively

To be clear how to clean the windshields, the starting point is to identify the type of dirt present in them, as well as how long they have not been cleaned. It is much better to do this often, since grease, pollution or bird droppings tend to be fixed, and the longer the time since falling, the harder it is to remove them. Another fundamental issue to consider is that windshield cleaning is a two-fold task: not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Only in this way do the halos and blurred sensation disappear as you look through them.

When deciding how to clean the windshield, the key question is what type of cleaner is going to be used: domestic glass cleaning products usually go very well, although they are also effective alternatives combine soap scrap and ammonia; mix dilute shampoo in water or an extremely simple and ecological formula, which is to combine water and vinegar.

Some tips for cleaning your windshield

To know how to clean the windshield properly, it is worth knowing some extremely useful suggestions. The first is the importance of moderation: in this matter, less is more. Just a few drops of product to get it right. The main thing is to let the cleaner work for a sufficient period of time, so that the more embedded dirt will soften. Then rub it to remove it and, once it is done, apply a new revision with another dry cloth, in order to eliminate the excess cleaning product.

The last step is to brighten the moon, which should be done with dry kitchen paper or with the pages of a newspaper, the most economical and practical formula. Finally, it must be borne in mind that, in the event that the windshield is broken, chipped or cracked.