March 15, 2018

Can your windshield be repaired?

Learn to recognize the windshield repairs you can do to save the price of a useless replacement. Here’s what you need to know.

The windshield of your car is not just a window through which you look. It is also part of the structural support of your vehicle and is one of the safety features of your car. If your windshield may look like a solid glass plate, it is actually made up of three layers: two layers of glass glued to an intermediate layer of automotive safety glass that prevents the windshield from bursting during a impact. The safety glass holds the glass layers together so that the windshield can crack, but does not disintegrate into sharp glass fragments in the event of an accident.

Is it necessary to repair minor damage to a windshield?

The most common damage to a windshield is caused by small debris on the road or a pebble thrown by the wheels of the vehicle before you. The problem with these small chips and cracks is that they may expand and:

  • To weaken the windshield as a whole;
  • To obstruct your vision of the road;
  • To cause deformations in the glass, which can affect your vision of the road;
  • Collect dirt and other debris that will make the windshield harder to repair neatly and cleanly.

If a windshield can be repaired, it is best to do it as soon as possible after the incident.

What damage can be repaired?

As a general rule, the smaller the brightness, the easier it is to repair. The rule of thumb is that a burst or crack that can be covered with a 25-cent coin can be repairable. It may also be possible to repair an individual crack covered by a five dollar bill. Long cracks and multiple cracks cannot usually be repaired. Here are some things to consider.

What are the damages like?

Circular damage of small size, even if cracks result or if a piece of glass is missing, can easily be repaired. Repair shops need to force clear resin into the damaged area and allow it to harden.

How deep is the damage?

Damage that penetrates into the inner layer of safety glass or a second layer of glass is usually irreparable.

How much time has passed since the damage?

Even the smallest chips caused by a pebble or a piece of gravel can be repaired easily if treated quickly. If you leave too much time, they will collect debris that will need to be laboriously cleaned in the repair shop. This work tends to obscure or color the resin, creating an unsightly mark on your windshield.

Where are the damage located?

Damage in the space above the radio antenna or heating elements cannot usually be repaired. A crack that enters the edges of the windshield compromises the seal between the windshield and the chassis; in this case, a repair of the windshield cannot be considered.

Still want a repair of the windshield?

Stop thinking about it and do it! The longer you wait, the more difficult the repair will be. And do not forget that your car insurance can cover a complete repair of the windshield, but only part of the cost of its replacement.

A windshield repair only takes about 40 minutes. You do not have time to go to a car window repair shop? Look around you. There are many companies offering a mobile glass repair service and able to move around.