May 9, 2018

How important is changing the windshield wiper pens

Over time and use, the nibs of the windshield of your vehicle are spent and not satisfactorily fulfill their primary function. On rainy days (which are approaching the capital this week), if they are in poor condition, they become a potential danger to the safety of the driver as well as their companions, as they will make driving vision dangerously low, diverting the attention of the driver. In addition, its eventual deterioration can cause scratches on the windscreen, which in the end will condition the change of the entire windshield.

To identify if they are in poor condition you can look at these points:

  • If they work with constant noise, they may be badly placed, so you should check if they are secure. To do this, activate the car’s contact and put the windshield wipers on. Stop them when they are in the up position and turn off the contact. Then, get out of the car and check that the windshield wiper arms are secure and the connectors are not loose, as this could be the cause of the sound.
  • If they no longer clean properly and leave dirt in some areas, it is because they are worn and the rubber has hardened. In this case it is time to change them.

Whenever you are going to change your windshield wipers, use the model recommended by the car manufacturer, to avoid later problems. Changing the pens of your vehicle is very easy and requires little time, once you learn to do it.