March 7, 2018

Basic care of the car windshield

Perhaps you have not noticed the importance of keeping the front glass of the car in perfect condition, so check these basic care of the windshield of the car and incorporate the necessary to your routine maintenance of your vehicle.

Visibility is a key point to improve safety at the wheel and practice driving based on prevention; achieving the best visibility is the main objective of this basic care of the windshield of the car that you must observe with attention and precision to obtain the best results.


It is obvious, but it is often forgotten that cleaning in the case of the windshield of the car is not a question of aesthetics, but of safety and prevention. It is important to periodically and constantly clean this area of ​​the car so that it always looks transparent and free of dust, grease or other debris that would make visibility much worse.

There are specific and appropriate products that clean the glass without attacking it, but in a profound way. When dealing with occasional dirt, such as insects or dirty rain, it is important to act quickly and not let the remains get embedded in the glass.

Good condition

Periodically, it is important to check the condition of the car’s windshield for possible scratches, cracks or small cracks. Pay special attention to the condition of the windshield, if you have traveled through rough terrain or roads with broken or badly damaged asphalt, as it is very likely that a Chinese may have damaged the front glass of your car. In case of any damage it is better to act quickly and resort to the advice and evaluation of the professionals who will decide if they can repair the glass or the replacement is necessary.


The windows of the vehicle, but especially the windshield is exposed to inclement weather both in winter and summer. Snow, hail and frost are big enemies of your car’s glass. Avoid sudden temperature changes in the windshield wipers and always remove ice and snow in a careful and delicate way, using safe methods.

Wiper washer

The good condition of the windshield wipers and their brushes is essential for the car’s windshield to enjoy its cleaning and use, so, whenever necessary, you should replace the wipers with new ones to avoid that when you put them into operation instead of cleaning, scratching and damaging the glass, leaving remains that cloud the glass instead of cleaning it. In parallel, check also and make sure you always carry the glass cleaner liquid at an optimum level.

This basic care of the windshield of the car are simple and very accessible, they hardly involve an expense neither of time nor of money and nevertheless, the benefits and the advantages will directly result in an improvement of the safety of your car, by significantly improving the visibility. Car insurance gives you the best coverage for your windshield too: choose the most appropriate policy according to your priorities to have appropriate for both your windshield and the rest of your vehicle assists.