April 11, 2018

Eye to the windshield wipers

However, the blades that remove rain from the windshield are delicate and wear out quickly. That’s why you have to change them every six months, especially in humid or rainy climates.

In the market you get complete, with the frame and arm, although sometimes only the rubber lip comes.

Buying the frame and arm ensures the necessary pressure to remove the raindrops; acquiring only the blade is cheaper, but less effective.

Even if you have a new system, it can happen that you’re cleaning task is not the best. Here, the most common problems and their solution: 1. cleaning in one direction is very common especially when the environment is very cold or when the blade is very old and, therefore, cannot adjust to the curvature of the windshield. You cannot change the weather, but you can replace it, and if the new ones do not work, you probably bought some of the wrong size or reference.

When the blades stutter on the windshield it happens that either the arm is twisted or the outside temperature is very cold and the blades are frozen. Also, because there are residues of grease on the glass that do not allow the blades to remove the water. To solve this, clean the panoramic well with a specific liquid for that purpose, especially in those areas where the water does not run. After cleaning the glass, soak the rag with the liquid and run them through the blades. Rinse with plenty of water.

If the windshield wipers pass through, the water remains there, in the form of small threads and drops, the problem is the pollution of the air that has formed a crust. Try using a stronger cleaner or a wax remover, but be careful not to splash the paint. If it is a recurring problem, consider buying a pajamas if you are sleeping outside.

When not cleaning in any direction, generally the blades are much worn, the pan or wipers are very dirty or the cleaning fluid mixture is not correct.

Sometimes the arm is crooked. Being off, examine it. It must be parallel to the glass and the blades must be in full contact. To untwist the arm use two pliers as shown in the figure to restore the original shape. If the tip of the arm is bent, remove the lip frame before untwisting it.