March 20, 2018

Classic car window installation tips

If it is to restore, remodel or simply fix a classic car, you may have to replace or install a new window. In each vehicle, the glass is inside a regulator that is inside the car door and controlled by a crank. To install the new glass you will need to be able to access the inside of the car door.

Glass installation

When installing window glass in a classic truck, be sure to place the window glass on the door frame. It is crucial for the seat window in the regulator, so you can travel fluidly through the window frame. One the glass has been properly seated in the controller, reconnect all the window components as quickly as possible. The more the window and the door are loose, the more likely the window will fall off of the regulator.

Extraction of glass

A key step when installing glass in a classic truck is to remove the existing glass. You should always be extremely careful if the glass is broken. Generally, you should always try to wear a pair of heavy duty gloves when working with any type of glass.

To remove the cup, remove the water protector and the time dismantling that protect the inside of the car door from bad weather conditions. If the car has been remodeled, you must disconnect the speaker wire from the door by removing the screws that attach to the door. Then, disconnect the bolts that hold the window inside the reducer.

Removal of Adjustment Panel

Another tip when installing a new window on a classic truck is to disconnect the trim panel from the doors and remove it. Always disconnect the vehicle’s battery before performing this step. Usually, cars will have manual windows so you’re going to have to remove the crank from the window. However, if the window has an aftermarket power window configuration, you will have to disconnect the electrical connectors.