April 17, 2018

Fix a shredded windshield in one hour

If the windshield of your car breaks or shreds, because you jumped a stone or broke one of the side windows trying to steal it, you should know that you should not take it to fix a risk to a part, now there are several companies that go to your home to fix it. You just have to quote.

That one of the glasses of your car is shredded is already a problem, and have to take it to quote the arrangements, in addition to that transit is dangerous and you can pass a part (as it is a violation of traffic law) Everything becomes more complex.
For the quote, you have to be careful with the damage of the windshield, since it does not always require change and thus the seals and original moldings are not lost. For example, when a small stone hits it and leaves a picket with a smaller radius than a 0.50 coin, it can be repaired. The process is simple and fast (less than half an hour): transparent acrylic resin is injected, avoiding the advance of the trizadura and the glass is as new, with almost 80% of the transparency.

If the glass only has a scratch or porosity it can be polished with a machine that has an ultra-fine sandpaper, plus a specialized paste. With this, its original transparency is returned.