February 26, 2018

Auto glass installation tools

A large part of the repair of the car involves the replacement of broken windshields and pieces of glass. Replacing the damaged auto glass parts is a specialty. If you are about to start a car repair service or assemble new glass in your own car, you will need to get specialized professional training and become familiar with some of the general purpose tools of the trade.

Cutting knife

Installing a glass sheet usually means changing the original damaged sheet, so you’ll have to remove the original first. Mounting glass sheets on cars are well fastened with rubber and metal weather strips finished or glued in place with a waterproof urethane adhesive. If you are going to remove glass held by the glue, the National Glass Association recommends using a cut-out knife – or “cold knife” as it is called in industry, to cut through the urethane.

Urethane scraper blades

Before installing the new glass, the NGA and Cars Direct say you’re going to have to scrape the old adhesive layer. The tool for this is called urethane scraper or scraper blade. This sharp, flat, rectangular blade made of high carbon steel comes in different sizes and is sometimes sold in sets

Weather-strip closure tool

The NGA shows this tool, also known as a locking strip tool, as one of the essential elements for the installation of weatherproof fastening strips for glass sheets mounted on gaskets or windshields.

Caulking gun

According to news from the Canadian broadcasting system research show “Market,” auto glass sheets must be caulked or fastened with high viscosity urethane. We recommend applying this with a caulking gun, which allows you to safely shoot the material along with the edge of the glass. A typical caulking gun in a hardware store has a rather weak relationship thrust from three to one, making work difficult. You probably prefer a more powerful mechanical caulking gun with at least a 18 to one thrust ratio.

Vacuum cleaner

This is an easily overlooked power tool used in the installation of replacement car windshields. The NGA constantly shows the vacuum cleaner in all its standard published procedures for working with glass. This device easily balls for the smallest fragments of glass and other debris generated by disassembling the damaged glass.