Keep your vehicle’s windshield clean vehicle is easy, and very important for your vehicle safer for you, your loved ones and other drivers on the road. It is difficult for dirt, insects and other visual obstacles accumulate on your windshield. Fortunately, there are a variety of products and techniques that will leave your clean and streak-free windscreen.

  1. Find the suitable cleaning. All owner of a car enthusiast has his favorite brand or formula for cleaning car windows from ammonia based products to just water and soap. If you choose to use ammonia, be careful not to spill on any surface of vinyl, leather or rubber that can have your vehicle. Note that ammonia is very harmful to a variety of materials. It can also be dangerous to your health, so be careful when using it inside your car. Spray bottles glass cleaners are the most popular solution.
  2. Wash the windshield with water before adding cleaning solution. Carving with water in straight lines with a soft brush. Use only horizontal or vertical movements, no need to scrub very hard, because you’re just doing an initial wash to loosen dirt.
  3. Add the glass cleaning solution. Spray the cleaner side of the towel. If you have a microfiber towel, even better. Start with cleaning. Make long strokes from side to side to achieve a better result. It does not take long, but pay attention to details can make a real difference in how well you can see through your windshield. If residue remains after the first cleaning, re-clean until it is.
  4. Allow the windscreen to dry completely.
  5. Prevent your windshield gets dirty. Make sure the windshield washer fluid is full and wipers are in good condition. The wiper arm should be changed once every 2 to 3 years. If no accumulation of garbage in it, try cleaning the blade down, rubbing alcohol or a solvent. The wiper angle is also important. Adjust the wiper arm on your 70 degree tilt (compared to a vertical straight arm 90 degrees). When the blades are very dirty, you can also try with baking soda and water.


If you have a microfiber towel, you can use paper and work just as well. The ink acts as a solvent and the wet paper does not leave lint.

Apply glass cleaner, once the windshield is dry. Although not necessarily required to make sure your windshield is clean, these products help resist water and dirt very well, some really support the rain as well, which act as windshield wipers.