April 3, 2018

Discover a new trick to be able to repair any broken glass with a little garlic

Most people around the world have garlic in their kitchens, it is an essential ingredient when it comes to cooking something and it is delicious, it gives us a very pleasant taste to all our dishes. But there are people who use it for other situations and many times we ignore them but the reality is that they can be quite effective.

Garlic has a lot of options to use or even repair things you did not imagine you could do and one of the most important is that it can be used as a natural adhesive. In this case we can use garlic to fill the cracks in the broken glass and thus we can lengthen the time of our broken glasses or glass until we decide to change it.

Here the question is how can a little garlic repair a broken glass? As we have observed, when cutting garlic we can notice that it has a sticky substance, it is the mixture of different sucrose compounds, it is known as fractals and this helps to serve as a type of glue.

It works in a very easy way, all you have to do is cut a garlic in half and rub it in a very careful way in the area where the glass or glass broke. Another option is to crush a clove of garlic and rub it in the cracks, let it dry and clean it with a damp cloth. Always remember to do it very carefully so that you do not cause a cut in your hands.

This is an example of what we should not do, since you cannot do it with all the garlic in the world:

The substance will penetrate the large and small cracks, preventing the glass from breaking any more. Let’s try not to leave it like that, change it as soon as you have the chance.