May 1, 2018

How can I replace a windshield in a 1978 Ford?

Cracked windshields are not only illegal in most states, but they are not safe on the road. Damaged the windshield also left in moisture which, according to Auto means, causes corrosive oxide to form on steel surfaces and compromise the adhesiveness of the windshield glass adhesive.

To replace a windshield on a 1978 Ford vehicle, you will need some tools, a powerful bonding agent and an assistant to guide you. Contact the local Ford manufacturer to order replacement glass that fits your 78 model.


  1. Wear safety glasses and utility gloves to protect against dangerous glass.
  2. Remove the rearview mirror. With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that hold the glass. Slide a small flathead screwdriver under the base mirror and start to lever up. If the glue is very strong, slide a thin knife under the base so that it cuts into the adhesive. Remove the mirror once it has been removed.
  3. Use a tarring tool to remove the top trim of the car that lines the outside of the windshield. Insert the hook of the tool into the gap between the base of the windshield and its molding. The hook must reach all the way into the molding until it stops in the adjustment clip. When the hook reaches inside the clip, pull up the fastener that will loosen the trim. Once the molding loosens, it can be removed manually.
  4. Use a carpet knife to cut into the molding of the window from the outside of the Ford. Make the cut smooth, cut around the perimeter at a constant rate.
  5. From inside the vehicle, push the glass with both hands to remove the windshield from its frame. It has assistant captures the glass from the outside of the car so that it does not fall and break.
  6. Use a mild soap and rag to clean the buildup of sticky adhesive from inside the structure before replacing the windshield.
  7. Apply a strip of urethane sealant to the interior of the window structure. With your assistant, fix the glass on the bottom of the structure first and then lift the top of the glass and into the frame. Press the weight of your body on the glass that creates an airtight seal.
  8. Allow the urethane sealer for 24 to 48 hours. Reassemble the rearview mirror with a mirror sticker, which can be purchased from a store. Follow the compressor process as indicated on the product label.