January 18, 2018

How to defrost the car’s glass

On cold or rainy days it is usual to drive and suddenly begin to lose visibility through the crystals by condensation. The normal thing in these cases is to start that ritual to tighten all the buttons on the dashboard, turn on the heating, the air conditioning, the climate control, all at once, to see if anything manages to scare away that layer of mist that is accumulating in the moons of your car. And meanwhile, pedestrians and bollards are being rolled under your wheels.

“But what was it like? What did he have to light? How do I perform the crystals? “In the past we want to help you. We give you some simple tips to memorize and use the next time you pass. Surely you save the lives of many pedestrians.

Why do the crystals fog?

The windows and windows of your car are fogged by the difference in temperature and humidity between the air from the outside and the interior. The glass will be cold because it is in contact with the outside; As the air inside is warmer and moister (because of the occupants of the vehicle, who often breathe and perspire, those ugly mania of the human being), when that air comes into contact with the glass, releases moisture (or vapor Water) in the form of condensation.

How to deflower them quickly?

  • Prevent your occupants from emitting heat. This will be easy if your occupants are dummies, or if you drop them at the first roundabout you see.
  • Opening the windows a little. The outside air (colder and less humid) will enter the interior of the car and blend with the sauna that you have created inside. The crystals will deflower after a while and, with a bit of luck, that heavy passenger will die frozen.
  • By directing the dry hot air (heating) to the crystals. This will remove condensation quickly. With cold air they would also deflower, but in a slower way (because the cold air cannot contain as much humidity as the hot one). As you can see, any dry air you enter in the car will eliminate the fog (but not at the same speed), so that when the glass fogs and you stop seeing the road, you should not be surprised by the doubt. Press any button. And change the lane, which you were driving in the opposite direction.
  • Rubbing the glass with a solution of water and shampoo, and then removing the remains of soap with a dry cloth. This will prevent the glass from fogging up for a while in your modern car that has no heating, no air conditioning, and no wheels. And if not, at least you have cleaned it that was already to plant potatoes.