January 11, 2018

How to defog the glass of your vehicle

Surely you have found yourself in the unpleasant situation of having the windshield fogged while driving. In general, this fog can be summarized as condensation of air humidity in the glass due to the difference in temperature between the inside and outside on the surface of the glass (whether in the front, rear or in any of the windows of the vehicle).

This fog can pose a serious risk to drivers (especially on rainy days, which needs more attention) and for this reason we try to demystify what is due and / or should not be done to solve this problem. From the right blow with a cloth, which is the main way to solve this problem.

Okay, I just activated the rear window defroster, but on the front, how do I do it? Good question … and the best answer is: turn on the air conditioning. As I said before, condensation occurs due to the humidity of the air, and to solve this problem the best solution is to change the characteristics of the air inside the vehicle, that is to say, to equal the temperature difference that exists.

Air conditioning is a great weapon to achieve this goal. In synthesis it happens that a compressor sucks the air from the interior of the vehicle, this air arrives at a radiator, which causes that the water vapor happens to the liquid state, the water is eliminated before returning to the environment. No moisture, no drops that stick to the windshield.

If the car does not have air conditioning you can use the fan. The hot air will evaporate the water droplets that accumulate on the windshield. Without them, the condensation ends, so the mist ends. When cold air eliminates the temperature difference between air and glass, and again eliminates fogging. This works while the inside of the vehicle is hotter than the outside, this is not always true at night. This method works,

And in an extremely dry environment, moisture, mist blame, which is also moisture? Not exactly, we must associate another parameter, the “gluing” of the glass. In other words, the glass is greasy, and the heat shock in this film is that the grease creates the fog.

Once again we talk about differences in temperature and therefore cooling the environment can help solve the problem, however, it is also necessary a better cleaning of the glass. There are many products on the market, and I will not advertise any brand, but it is still the main suggestion: avoid using silicone elements.

With the heat of the interior of the vehicles the silicone evaporates and also accumulates in the glazing and contributes to the dirt of the same. There are many who swear by homemade methods used to degrease the windshield, some involving potato, onion, soap and other less fanciful methods.

One solution is that some experts recommend mixing 100 ml of alcohol 96 in 20 ml of detergent and 380 ml of water. You should then pass it on the vehicle’s glass, rubbing it with a paper moistened in this solution. From the outside, it is also possible to pass part of this solution and connect the scrubber to extend the mixture and give the effect of clean.