November 16, 2017

How to buy auto glass

After a break up or automobile accident, you are thinking about getting your car back on the road and not on the quality of the glass. But the wrong glass for your car can be damaged by the road, breaking into a serious accident. Understand the different types of automotive glass and choose the best quality you can afford, since glass is above all a safety feature of your car.


Visit the dealer of your car to buy auto glass that is certified for your car and has your car brand (i.e. Toyota or Ford) stamped on it. The car dealers carry out auto glass which is certified as “OEM”, or original equipment manufactured and specific to their type of car.

Call local car repair shops and ask if they carry “OEM” auto glass. Unlike the glass held by the dealer – which is specific brand – “OEM” glass from an auto repair shop is certified to be the same cut and thickness as your car glass car, but do not carry the brand identification. For example, Acura “OEM” auto glass will not support the Acura logo, but will feature the same measures, hue and shape as the glass dealer on your Acura, so there will not be any mismatch. Arrange for a machine shop to install the “OEM” auto glass, then pay for the glass and the work after.

Visit an auto glass shop to buy cheaper “OEE”, or original glass equivalent equipment, if you are on a budget. Glass “OEE” (sometimes called aftermarket glass) does not withstand the same size, thickness, color and quality as the “OEM” glass and should only be used as a last resort.

Comparison shop prices by calling various auto repair shops or auto glass dealers, whether you intend to buy “OEM” or “OEE” glass. Then buy from a glass supplier that offers a good price and installation in a timely manner to get your car.