October 5, 2017

Glass guide for windshields

Cars, vans all vehicles have windshields. They are so ubiquitous that many assume that the windshield is just one more piece of the vehicle. However, the windshield does more than just protect it from the wind.

Windshield functions

While it will depend on the make and model of the vehicle, many windshields have the same functions: to protect the occupants of the vehicle and to facilitate the driving in non-ideal conditions.

When you bring your vehicle to repair or replace the windshield, be sure to consider these parts that will also need replacement.

How do you make a windshield?

Each manufacturer has different and specific ways to manufacture windshields for their cars and vans, but the process itself is usually the same. The final result in the manufacture of a good windshield is that the glass is kept in one piece.

  • A layer of polyvinyl butyric (PVB) is placed between two glasses.
  • Pressure and heat are applied to chemically and mechanically bond the outer layers of glass with the inner plastic layer.
  • The unfinished windshield is folded and cut to fit in the frame of the car or truck.
  • The windshield attaches at the molecular level to the frame of the car with a sealer, which is completely waterproof and airtight.

Nowadays, it is an international standard to manufacture a windshield with laminated glass.

Importance of windshield

Reinforcing the windshield laminating glass achieved two things: improve the structural integrity of the car and greatly improve the safety of passengers. The rigidity of the windshield and its union with the car reinforces the structure of the whole vehicle. In addition, it prevents the roof from being dented in case of overturning. And most importantly, it allows the passenger airbag to function properly, which prevents the passenger (and the driver) from being expelled from the car. The driver’s airbag exits directly from the steering wheel to cushion the impact, while the passenger’s airbag fires upward, bounces off the windshield, and heads toward the person.