August 31, 2017

Clean windshield

Has not it happened that in the middle of the traffic, one of those storms begins that completely hinders the visibility through the windshield, we activate the windshield wipers and we still see nothing? Many motorists neglect to clean the windows since these are one of the most important parts of our car if we are not blind when washing the car we must give the attention required to the cleaning of the crystals, mainly to the windshields and gums the cleaners.

To the guys who clean the windshields on the street and sometimes annoy us so much, we must recognize that when we climb into the chest with the limited time of the traffic light, they leave the glass really clean, and seemingly only use water with soap.

I found this advice to successfully clean the windows of the car, first, we must have a cotton cloth, that does not leave lint … the fabric of an old shirt is ideal or if not, in the stores of self-service already sell a great range of flannels for That end. And to dry, (because it should dry very well) kitchen napkins or newspaper.

When washing the car we used to change the water in the wiper tank. We can add a trickle of some glass cleaner product, so this will make cleaning easier while driving. Never place detergents or products that produce foam, as this could cause visibility problems when cleaning while driving. On the other hand, the grommets of the glass cleaners must be checked periodically, to verify that they are in good condition and that they have an adequate operation.

The magic liquid that will leave the crystals impeccable consists of a spoonful of hair shampoo, dissolved in a liter of water.

The cloth we use must be soaked with the solution to pass through the crystals about three times and “carve” them with energy. After one minute we rinsed it, we wipe it with only water and then dry it with the paper. This procedure must be both outsides and inside the crystals.

The advantage of using shampoo is that when the water falls, it slips, and also gives the glass a kind of “antireflection” bath. Repels the dust; Protects from scratches and leaves the glass ready for road trips.

The frequency of washing depends on the weather: from the rainy season; of if it transits by terrarium; the smoke from the trucks has a kind of oil that can do a lot of mess.

We can bring in the car an atomizer with a little of this solution to clean if necessary, and some kitchen napkins to dry.

Never use alcohol or lens cleaner. Do not use solvents, as they leave marks and sometimes irreparably damage the glass.

After making a trip or a long journey, it is likely that insects have been left on the glass and windshield. To clean them, use warm water and a rag, and then pass the glass cleaners. If we continue our journey, we can spill cola on the glass, or water mixed with a little vinegar, then clean with newspaper. This will make the task easier.

On very cold mornings we are likely to find frost or frost on the glass. Never remove it with hot water, the thermal change could damage the glass. We can sprinkle with salt and then with cold water to loosen the ice.

There is a trick to prevent ice from forming on the glass. During the afternoon, when it is warmer, we will soak the glass outside with salt water and let them dry on their own. When the water evaporates, there will be a very thin layer of salt, which will prevent the formation of ice. We can also spray antifreeze to prevent frost, or remove frost.